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How Photobooth Works at Your Event

Photobooth really couldn't be easier to use - there is no fiddling about with money or tokens, the images are taken quickly and developed immediately. In fact it takes in total about 2 minutes from stepping inside to having the prints in your hand!

There are just three ridiculously simple steps, whether you go in alone, as a pair or with a group of people:

1. Get Ready

Go into the Photobooth, pull the curtains for a little privacy and settle in. You'll see a set of instructions on the screen, with some helpful tips about how to pose, where to stand and where to look while your pictures are taken.

2. Take the Pictures

By now you'll have seen the great big START button which you press when you're ready for the camera to roll. Once you press the button there's a countdown to the first picture. There'll be another countdown before each subsequent picture is taken, so you can strike a different pose for each of your four pictures. It takes less than a minute for all four images to be taken.

3. See the Results!

About a minute after your Photobooth session ends, it's the moment of truth, your prints are ready and you can see how you looked!

Meanwhile the next users are already inside having their pictures taken - there is no waiting around or delay between sessions.

The Photobooth Magic

A strange and wonderful magic happens behind the Photobooth curtains.

People lose their inhibitions, relax completely and just have the greatest fun. The result is really natural and often very funny pictures, creating a unique record of your wedding, party or event and catching its athmosphere in a very different way than formal photographs.

Your guests will love looking at each others pictures, admiring some results, having a good laugh at others and generally seeing who got most creative in the Photobooth!

More often than not people come back for a second or even a third go - which is no problem, rental of the photobooth includes unlimited sessions, so they can return as often as they wish.

Use Props!

We can provide a range of props for your guests to use in the Photobooth - hats, masks, fancy dress and more. Just wait for the hilarious photos that result!

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