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What is Photobooth?

Photobooth looks something like the once ubiquitous old fashioned booths, although it's a lot sleeker and more attractive in appearance and portable enough to be taken just about anywhere.

We'll transport it, set it up and get it working at your venue - the only requirements are a level surface and access to a power supply.

You can even opt to adapt its appearance to your occasion, with branding and decoration to suit (though it looks great just as it is!).

Photobooth Images

Although it's very easy to use, there's a lot of sophisticated stuff going on under the Photobooth hood. It produces not simple snaps but high quality digital images. Such good quality that the resulting pictures are frequently on a par with professionally taken photographs.

The images are taken at very high resolution, 8 megapixels to be exact. That means that although the prints your guests get on the day are small and neat, the stored images are easily good enough to be blown up to poster size or bigger and certainly good enough to enlarge and frame.

Photobooth images last too. They are printed onto high grade paper using a process that means the prints will not fade easily and will hold their quality for 50 years or more.

Image Formats

You can choose to have the images printed out in a traditional strip of four images or in a 2x2 square format and in either colour or black and white. Two copies are made at each session - one for your guests to take home and one for you to keep.

But the printed images are only part of the story.

All your images are digitally stored and later uploaded to a password protected online gallery. You and your guests can browse though them at leisure, reliving memories and seeing the pictures you missed on the day. You can read more about the online galleries here.

Use Props!

We can provide a range of props for your guests to use in the Photobooth - hats, masks, fancy dress and more. Just wait for the hilarious photos that result!

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