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Why Should You Rent a Photobooth?

Everyone running an event is looking for something a little bit special for their guests. Something that captures the imagination, creates a buzz, allows guests to interact and have fun and, most importantly, leaves a lasting impression.

Photobooth does all that and more.

When people come away with their Photobooth images they have a unique memento of your event that they won't throw away. One that they will tell people about, and one that will remind them of the occasion for weeks, months and even years.

Not only that but they can go online and relive the enjoyment of the day while browsing though the gallery of other pictures from your event.

Photobooth fits in with all kinds of events and no matter what the occasion everyone, young and old, wants to be part of it.


If ever there was an occasion made for Photobooth, a wedding is it! Most people choose to set it up during the drinks reception. While you and your wedding party are away having formal photographs taken, guests are busy having fun and creating an album of their own with Photobooth.

When they leave the Photobooth guests will get their copy of the pictures to take home and can put the second copy into an album, along with their message to you. The result is not only a unique guestbook but an 'alternative' Wedding Album of relaxed informal pictures of everyone who attended your wedding.

Of course you'll want a go too - you can loosen up after all the formal posing and have some fun together in the Photobooth!


Whether it's a family party, a work event or held to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, Photobooth will capture the fun of the occasion perfectly. Since you get copies of all images taken, it leaves you with a wonderful record of who was there which you can look back and enjoy for years.

Parties are also the perfect occasion to have even more fun with Photobooth by using props such as silly hats, face paint (yes, even for adults!) or fancy dress. At Christmas parties just hanging a bunch of mistletoe in the Photobooth can really liven things up!

Corporate Events

Photobooth has a range of branding options which make it really work at sales meetings, product launches and other company events. The booth itself can be decorated with your logos and images, but even better so can the images. People will take away photographs with your company or product logo or message overprinted, so they don't just have a great souvenir of the day but a reminder of just who was responsible for all the fun they had!

And remember that Photobooth can take formal pictures too, so you can have images made that can later be used in reports, internal memos and so on.

Trade Shows

Nothing will bring people flocking to your stand as quickly as Photobooth. Once the word is out, everyone will want to have a go and you'll be the centre of attention.

Have interested people to write their name and contact details on the back of your copy of their photos, or attach their card. Now you not only have the contact details of customers and potential customers, but you know what they look like and have a sense of their personality!

There are lots of ways to further personalise the event apart from branding. Travel companies could offer the option of free passport pictures (Photobooth images can be used for this purpose); cosmetics companies could provide before and after photos alongside makeovers; fashion companies can give customers the chance to take home pictures of models (or even of themselves) wearing your clothes. The possibilities are endless.


It could well be that your graduation will be the last time you and your classmates will ever all be together. Making a record of the occasion using Photobooth is a great way to allow you have your pictures taken with your friends on a momentous occasion in your lives.

A great idea at graduations is to sign and exchange some of your pictures with others, so that you each go home with a set of pictures that really capture the time you spent together.

Of course you can be photographed with your proud parents and other members of your family as well.


What did you all look like back in the day? There is no more fun at a reunion than looking back on old photos - except perhaps creating a set of new ones in Photobooth! Because all your images are stored, you can later assemble into an album that will be a huge hit the next time you get together.

Those unable to attend will be thrilled to be sent a password to enable them to see loads of pictures of their old friends in the online gallery of your event - where everyone, whether they could attend or not, will be able to order as many images as they want to create their own album of the occasion.

Children's Events

All kids are posers and they just adore having their pictures taken in Photobooth. The best part is that in the privacy of the booth they behave entirely naturally in front of the camera, so the photos that result are often very special indeed. With or without props to add to the merriment, they will all have a wonderful time not just being photographed but looking at (and laughing at!) each others pictures afterwards.

A popular idea at parties is to let the children keep one set of pictures and keep the second set to give to their proud and invariably delighted parents.


It may be the last time you're all together. Use Photobooth to create a record to look back on in 10 or 20 years time!

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